5 Handmade Fall Home Decor Must-Have Gifts Made by Artists Around the World

You're probably going to fall in love with these Autumn-inspired boho home decor and gift items, and influence change around the world.

Fall is my favorite season - leaves crisp and crunch beneath my dearly-missed boots, everything seems a little warmer, cozier in color, the sun takes more breaks and makes way for the rain, the wind tassels the chimes and a new kind of music finds it's way into my home. 

Fall is when I like to slow down and look at the possibilities of change and find ways to add it's warmth to the inside and outside of my home. A little new decor is the perfect way to accomplish such a means! I'm definitely more prone to gift shop for my friends and family when the weather begins to turn, too!

One thing I'm vehement about is helping others. The best way to help artisans around the world is to purchase their gorgeous, one-of-a-kind products, and to quit padding Target and Amazon's wallets. Shopping through Fair Trade companies and small shops means that you and I can rest knowing that every dollar we spend is helping people on a personal level and giving them the means to carry creating their spectacular crafts. 

Please explore the links below, find what your home is missing, find what your bff's home is missing, and learn about the maker's as you go!



1. Huge Rustic Indian Copper Cow Bells

Large rustic copper Indian cow bells with wooden beads, wind chimes

These beautiful copper coated bells bellow deep, spine-tingling music when the wind passes through. Thay are hand crafted by a family in northern India. They're made from upcycled metal, and are coated and heated in copper shavings to obtain a unique exterior look. The family tunes the bells by hand to perfection and attaches strong, black cord to the metal loop, making the process of hanging your bell a total breeze. If you like these, check out our other handmade copper chimes here!


2. Women's Floral Embossed Suede Moccasin Boots 

Genuine leather and floral embossed: does it get any cuter?! These women’s ankle high moccasin boots are Laurentian Chief moccasins, which fittingly represents three generations of artisans who have perfected their know-how and diversified their production, creating a brand that is known around the world. They are a Canadian company, and have been manufacturing superb moccasins since 1945. *Non Native Product


3. Set of 2 Solid Black Recycled Prayer Mat Hampers 

African laundry hampers bring amazing artisan craftsmanship into our living spaces. These laundry hampers are handwoven by an association of more than 100 rural Wolof women in the West African nation of Senegal. The black plastic strips that are used to hold the woven cattail stalks in place is sourced from a nearby prayer mat factory. If it were not used by the Senegalese women in their weaving, all of the leftover plastic would be dumped into the landfill. The use of plastic strips is an innovative and modern addition to the hampers, but makes for an even more durable and long-lasting product! By offering these beautiful hampers to you here, we are extending the women's reach far beyond their saturated local markets to homes across America. If you like these, you will love our entire collection of hampers!

4. Bolga Bicycle Basket with Adjustable Leather Straps and Accessories

It's a cool, Autumn sunset dream! Basket weavers in Ghana, West Africa, create this rustic bicycle basket from stiff stalks of elephant grass. Leather straps are used to easily attach it to your bicycle and are included with the basket!

5. Bamboo Mini Chair Plant Stand

A boho accent of the finest sort! Over at Sister Golden, you will find this perfect, tiny chair for a little human or a big houseplant! This bamboo cutie is finished with a super-sturdy rope seat! 

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